Caring for Chinchillas

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Ever heard of a pet that requires dust baths and has a coat so thick that they are not affected by fleas? These social active critters once raised for their coats are now widely kept as pets and can even be litter box trained, at least to a certain extent.

Your Rodent's Dental Health

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Small rodents have continually growing front teeth, worn down through normal chewing. If your rodent’s teeth are not wearing down naturally, it may be due to malocclusion. Malocclusion is a common dental disorder, found in rabbits and other small rodents, defined as abnormal contact between the maxillary (upper jaw) and mandibular (lower jaw) teeth. The misalignment of these teeth interferes with chewing. Causes of the misalignment include abnormal wear and tear—such as chewing on metal cages—or trauma to the teeth or head.

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