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Your Dog's Dental Health

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More pet owners pay attention to dental health than ever before. Dog owners now commonly brush their canine companions’ teeth--and fret over bad breath. But this isn't just an aesthetic interest: all dog owners should be aware of the importance of dentistry to our pets' overall health.

Living with Cat Allergies

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Don't let your cat allergies get the best of you! There are several ways to lessen the effect of cat dander in your home.

Inside the home:

- If you're only considering taking a cat home, shorthaired cats generally have less dander to reckon with.
- Curtains, drapes and full carpeting hold dander in. Consider trading these for blinds and hardwood floors with rugs.
- Invest in a vacuum with a good filter, and vacuum all soft surfaces regularly.
- An air purification system definitely makes a difference.

How to Get Rid of that Skunk Stink

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Although skunks are lovable animals, we all know they have a very specific odor, and it's generally not pleasant. What do you do when a skunk leaves its mark on your pet? A few standard household products will take care of it.

The standard home recipe for the elimination of skunk spray is as follows:

1 quart of hydrogen peroxide
½ cup baking soda
drop of liquid dish detergent

The resulting solution will foam. Wash the offending area with the solution and rinse clean with warm water. Make sure you do not get the solution in your pet’s eyes.

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