The #1 Reason Pets are Brought to Shelters (and How to Prevent It!)

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A nationwide study of animal control facilities performed in 2000 reported that 40% of dogs and 28% of cats were surrendered due to one or more behavior problems. Today, that number is thought to be much higher. The most common behavioral problem cited was inappropriate elimination. Owners are often reluctant to admit when there is a behavioral problem that results in the relinquishment of the pet because they believe acknowledging the problem will decrease the chance of the pet being adopted and increase the possibility of euthanasia.

Housetraining Your Dog

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Housetraining is the number one concern new dog owners have when they bring home their new family member--aside from taming the occasional wild curtain-destroyer or couch-mauler. Luckily it's as easy to master as it is to get to know and love your new canine friend.

In fact, getting to know your dog is the key element to successful housetraining. Knowing his habits and paying attention to the signals your dog is giving you is the easiest way to understand your dog’s cycle--and to avoid accidents.

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